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Imagine a bear. It’s climbing upstream to wait for salmon. It’s an insight-driven move on behalf of the bear. It knows the best place to fish.

It’s also an analogy from nature, where salmon move upstream to prosper and thrive.

This is the thinking behind BEAR UPSTREAM, Hitch Marketing’s cost-effective solution that provides insight using emotional analytics and delivers the result upstream.

It’s here that commissioners and decision-makers will fully understand the situation they face in order to develop strategy and policy – and create projects that thrive.

In some respects, this is nothing new. Upstream has been around for years. And the influential role of emotion in consumer behaviour is well documented.

But BEAR UPSTREAM is different…

Cutting edge emotional analytics blended with tried and tested research.

For the first time in human history, we have a huge volume of opinionated data recorded in digital form for analysis, be that through social media, online blogs or e-mails, to name a few.

BEAR UPSTREAM uses Adoreboard emotional analytics software to measure the emotion expressed in this data and relates it to brands, services, and interventions.

So we’re able to show how the public or your stakeholders FEEL about the issues you’re dealing with and offer insight-driven solutions to feed upstream.

BEAR UPSTREAM marries emotional analytics with tried and tested quantitative and qualitative approaches, for example a deep-dive into stakeholder needs or a co-creation approach.

BEAR UPSTREAM then supports you to work these insights into policy, strategy, briefs and campaigns to ensure your work resonates on an EMOTIONAL level, and delivers results.

For examples of our previous work, please visit our case studies page on the Hitch Marketing website.